Could Britney Griner Make It In The NBA?

With a shocking loss to Louisville Sunday night in the Sweet 16, the career of Baylor's Britney Griner came to an end. The stats are overwhelming: second all-time for women in career points...her 18 dunks are three more than all other female basketball players, combined... and her 748 blocks are the most in Men's or Women's NCAA history for a career.

Now, the Houston, Texas native is headed to the WNBA - or is she. Outspoken Mavs owner Mark Cuban said he'd consider drafting Griner with the Dallas Mavericks second round pick in this summer's NBA draft. But would her game compute to the NBA?

"I think Britney could hold her own in some things," TU Women's Head Coach Matilda Mossman said. "But, we're talking about men that are physically stronger, faster, bigger build."

"I think she'd be way more successful in the WNBA," said former ORU standout Kevi Luper. "I mean, honestly, men are better athletes than women. It's just how are bodies are build - it's just the truth. So I don't think a girl should ever play in the NBA - they're just too strong, too talented. It just wouldn't work well, in my opinion."

A lot of people share Kevi's opinion, too. Ann Meyers is the only women's player to sign with a NBA team - but the experiment didn't work out. Meyers was a point guard, too - not a post player.

"I don't think it's a position that you go in and try to play in the NBA, a center," Mossman said. "Plus you look at the way those guys run up and down the floor - Britney's ok running up and down the floor, but she doesn't run like a 6'8 guy does. So, there's just a lot of physical differences that would make it hard for her."

We'll see if Cuban is serious, or if this is simply a publicity stunt when the NBA holds its draft on June 27th.

For her part, Griner says she is ready, Tweeting to Cuban "I would hold my own! Lets do it."