Could Fall Be The Perfect Travel Season?

If you are upset over a missed summer vacation, experts say it's not too late to find a great deal at discounted price.

In addition to big travel destinations, the experts at travel website Orbitz say the Caribbean can be a fall bargain.

A getaway to an east coast beach town can also fit into a budget. Places like Charleston, South Carolina, all these busy east coast towns all the way up to Martha's Vineyard, you're not going to see the crowds because it's not 80/90 degrees outside anymore.

For big cities like New York or Chicago, head for hotels in the financial district on weekends, or almost anywhere.

"After Labor Day weekend, before the Thanksgiving holiday when the crowds are at a minimum but the temperatures are still mild and hotels are looking to fill their rooms so travelers can take advantage of great deals from Orlando to Las Vegas," said Jeanenne Tornatore, of Orbitz.

She says travel packages are best including car rental, hotel and airfare rolled into one.