Could You Get Sick from a Swimming Pool?

Area health experts urge residents to swim at area pools this summer. However, they said maintaining cleanliness and awareness should be a top priority.

"What we try to educate people on, is if you're sick, you should not be swimming," said Tulsa Health Department Program Coordinator for Public Pools, Roger Roth.

Roth said chlorine kills most water-transferable illnesses, however, it does not kill "crypto". This is a parasite that can cause problems with bowel movements.

Medical experts urge swimmers to shower before entering pools.

"It really has a reason," said Dr. Donna Krutka with Tulsa Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine. "You're trying to get off that bacteria, particularly bodily bacteria." She said other problems like forms of dysentery and strep throat can transfer in water. However, chlorine fights them. While Dr. Krutka encourages children to get exercise at pools this summer, she said it is important for parents to be aware of the cleanliness of the pool their children swim in.

Pools in Oklahoma must check pH and chlorine levels four times each day. The Claremore Recreation Center checks these levels seven times each day for safety. The Aquatics Coordinator there said he has never been made aware of illnesses at his pool. However, he still continues to urge swimmers to shower before swimming.