Council Expected to Fast Track Police Record System

For most folks when you say the word police, you think flashing lights and crime scene tape, you do not think rows and rows of filing cabinets.

"A upgrade is desperately needed," said Tulsa police Captain Karen Tipler of the records department where critical, sensitive, and vital information is processed with the archaic Tracis system."35 years," is how long Craig Murray's been on the force. And using Tracis for..."35 years," he said.

"We have a system built in the 70's that is now trying to work with intelligence from the 21st century," said Tipler.

There are, of course, other programs in use, but...

"Some of the newer systems out there do not work well with the technology that we've had," she said.

Think about it in terms of the evolution of video game systems. Start with atari, which is roughly when Tracis came out, then you move on to Intellivison, Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and now Wii. Now imagine you have all these going at the same time and they need to talk to each other.

"You can't take your Xbox game and put in in your Sega Genesis," said Tipler.

Residents heard that message loud and clear last November when they voted to fund the upgrade as part of the Improve Our Tulsa package, but city leaders where perplexed when they heard it wasn't scheduled to happen for another two years.

"Public safety is a priority for all of us on the council," said Councilor Karen Gilbert. She says she and her colleagues are taking action to get the upgrade started ASAP.

"We're taking a consensus vote to pass a resolution to bump it up," she said.

A move for expediency, to get information flowing as smoothly and quickly as possible to help make a difference in situations which are anything but a game.

"We recently had the Amber Alert with the little girl who was abducted. If we had a new information system a lot of that that we were waiting on trying to get information from this area, that different area, we can get that instantaneous, because we have all of that linked up together," said Tipler.