Councilors Provide Comments on Brady Name Change; Vote Coming Thursday

As issues go, it doesn't get much more touchy than this.

"This is a hard decision tonight," said councilor Gilbert.

As councilor after councilor last Thursday...

"This is one of the hardest decisions that I've come across," said councilor Cue.

Felt the full weight of city's racial history bearing down.

"I am, been having a minor panic attack on this, totally serious," said councilor Moore.

This Thursday, the issue comes back for a vote.

"Is this going to make a difference?," asked councilor Cue.

Councilor Cue is one of four who do not support a name change, in her case citing her constituents wishes. A message echoed reluctantly by councilor Patrick.

"As bad as I hate to say, my district is not in support of this name change," he said.

For councilor Gilbert, it appears, removing the name tampers with the city's history.

"You learn the lessons of history, if you don't you are doomed to repeat them," she said.

But for councilor Bynum, changing the name is an opportunity to heal history.

"20 years from now do I want to tell my kids that I had the chance to vote on taking a KKK members name off a street and I didn't do it? No," he said.

And for Ewing, it boiled down to thinking of others.

"Calling that street Brady, whether you understand why it's offensive or not, is offensive to some people, so stop doing it," he said.

Four days from now, a vote will take place that will make history one way or the other, and so far, that vote is split.

"All we're doing is building a wall here tonight that's going to be here for another 90 and 100 years," said councilor Henderson.

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