County Takes No Action on Jazz Hall of Fame

The Jazz Hall of Fame lives to see another day in the depot. The group says it's raised every penny of the more than $60,000 owed in past due bills.

Banks closed Monday in observance of Columbus Day so the county decided not to take action on the group's lease. Meanwhile, commissioners say the Deborah Brown Community School can stay put, at least for now. "We had an understanding that the lease would be between the Jazz Hall of Fame and the school," said the school's attorney Stefan Mecke. However, they later learned the county is in control. The Jazz Hall of Fame should have gone through the Tulsa County Industrial Authority before allowing Deborah Brown to build on it's first floor.

This as the The Jazz Hall of Fame lease has also been in question.

The group owes more than $60,000 for it's utility bill and other fees like the ballpark assessment. "Well over 100 people stepped up and helped us in all kids of ways, and we're very grateful. We look forward to doing a lot of great stuff in the future," said Jazz Hall of Fame CEO Jason McIntosh. Provided the checks clear, the county says the organization will be in the clear too. "If they meet the terms of the agreement, absolutely. That's all we've sought from the beginning," said County Commissioner John Smaligo.

They'll know more this week. Meanwhile the kids can stay put too if the proper permits are granted. "It's stressful, very stressful and very frustrating, but I understand the dynamics involved with the authority, and Jazz Hall of Fame and with our school," explained Brown.

The county will meet again next week. Deborah Brown Community School must have all of the proper permits by then.