Couple Escapes RV Fire

It was a terrifying moment for a couple asleep inside their RV. Somehow their trailer caught fire in the middle of the night.

"I woke up went to the bathroom. Through the sky vent in the bathroom I seen flames. I was like what in the world," said Wesley Groves.

Around 2:45 Monday morning Wesley Groves saw flames shooting about 10 feet high out of the his neighbor's RV that was parked at the Route 66 RV Park in Sapulpa.

"So we ran out here and starting moving our propane tanks," Groves said.

The couple inside the burning RV woke up after hearing a beeping sound of their smoke detectors going off in time for them to escape. They rushed out of bed and ran out through a door as flames tore through the motor home.

"It's said they lost their whole camper out of the deal but at least they have their lives. They can rebuild on that," Groves said.

The inside of the RV is gutted and investigators said it's a total loss. Since RV's burn quickly the couple didn't have time to grab any of their belongings. Outside their camper there were stacks of debris all over the ground. We saw a blackened book, melted DVD's and a burned family picture that was destroyed in the blaze.

Right now Sapulpa firefighters are investigating the cause, but they believe the fire started near the refrigerator.

The owner of the RV says he is from Dallas, Texas and is in town doing construction work.

He bought the RV about 2 weeks ago since he plans on staying in town until mid -April. While the fire is a set back for the couple right now they are just happy to be alive.

The man did suffer second degree burns on his hands and his girlfriend was not injured.

Right now the couple has a roof over their head thanks to the American Red Cross. The non- profit gave them resources for food and shelter for the next few days.