Court Upholds Common Core Repeal

The Oklahoma Supreme Court upheld House Bill 3399 which repealed the Common Core curriculum in Oklahoma.

Lawmakers approved the repeal this legislative session, but some teachers and state school board members decided to fight the measure.

Today just a few hours after hearing the arguments the justices made their ruling.

Scott McEachin of the Tulsa 912 Project supported the decision and was present in court.

"Education of each generation is so important to each generation to what they become, what they do," he said, explaining why he filed a brief on behalf of his organization.

But some state school board members felt lawmakers had too much power over children's school work.

"It becomes a political process then, it becomes who is in this building, putting pressure on them to make a specific change after this has gone out for public comment and has had educators eyes from all over the state on it," explained Amy Anne Ford, state school board member and plaintiff.

State Superintendent, Janet Baressi says Oklahoma must continue building new standards for Oklahoma classrooms.

"We are doing a lot of the organizational work around it. We are going to ge talking about it this week. The state board will be able to meet and approve the process we have planned out," Baressi said.

There will be a chance for public input as Oklahoma draws up new curriculum standards.