Cowboys Appear Ready For Florida State

When OSU takes the field next Saturday against Florida State...they'll be looking for a first in program history - beating the No. 1 ranked team in the country. The chance to do that in the opening game has the players chomping at the bit.

"I haven't had an un-excited moment since I found out our schedule this year," senior defensive tackle James Castleman says. "I've been excited about it ever since then."

Junior cornerback Kevin Peterson agreed, saying "It's just fun, get to play in front of College Gameday, family and friends, they finally get to see the work you've put it, and get to play against a team like that."

"We all know what's here, and we're prepared," said junior linebacker Ryan Simmons. "We came in and worked as a team, as a defense, and I think we have a chance to win this game."

It's a bit of a rarity to see OSU open up against such strong competition... after-all, it's been well documented that Coach Mike Gundy prefers scheduling much easier non-conference games. He was asked about that perception, and had an interesting response:

"You play golf? What if they said you could tee off at the ladies tees but score the same? Come on now. They put us on the tips, just so you know (laughter)...we're on the tips...but I do want to clear one thing up, ok? We've embraced this game. I've offered my opinion, Coach Holder and I, we've had this discussion - this has gone forever, ok? He and I see eye to eye on things. Ultimately, they make the last decision - and that doesn't mean there's an issue. And we've embraced this since the spring, since the fall."

It's a good thing the Pokes have embraced facing the 'Noles, because gameday is almost here. Tulsa's Channel 8 is your home for the Cowboy Classic...complete with a live pregame show from Dallas, beginning at 6:30.


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