Cowboys Had Weird Feeling After Kansas Victory

What's better winning but playing bad or playing well and losing? That's the big question for the Oklahoma State offense.

This is going to sound a little weird, but the Cowboys are trying to get "over" their win to Kansas last Saturday. I told you it would sound strange. But it's true.

In their 20-14 win over the Jayhawks, the Pokes high-powered offense was held to just 20 points and almost 300 yards below their average against one of the worst teams in the country.

OSU Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken said they felt better after their loss to Texas than they did after their win over Kansas and that can't happen.

"It's a weird feeling moving forward this week. I said on our side of the ball we won this week but we felt better when we lost." Monken said, "That's silly. We're not going to feel that way. We only turned the ball over one time. We didn't have presnap penalties. We had 11 guys on the field, we played hard and we won. That's what our goal is."

The Cowboys host Iowa State this Saturday in Stillwater at 11:00am.