Cowboys Quarterback Problems

It's unlikely that quarterback Wes Lunt will return to the Oklahoma State starting line up for this week's game at Kansas.

But he will be coming back at some point. OSU head coach Mike Gundy is one of those guys who doesn't believe in losing your starting job because of an injury.

Lunt hurt his left knee in game three.

But when he is ready to go sitting down JW Walsh won't be easy.

"He has brought something to our team and I don't think it would be smart to act like it hadn't happened." Gundy said, "If he were at another position he'd be in the game somewhere or somehow. Whether he'd be a pass rusher, run stopper, route runner, coverage guy or support safety. Just because he plays the quarterback position we would need to not totally eliminate the thought of maybe using him to help us win football games."

The Cowboys take on Kansas Saturday afternoon in Lawrence at 2:30pm