Coweta Tigers Could Have An Explosive Offense

Oklahoma high school football practices continued Wednesday across the state.{} I went out to Coweta High School and I have no doubt the Tigers are going to move the football this season. They have a mutli-talent guy at quarterback.{} Hayden Holmes can do it all.{} Run or throw the football. Coweta's offense could end up being pretty explosive. Most schools would be happy to have one quality back, but Coach Bubba Burcham says he has three.{} They are Jakeem Johnson, Randle Smith and Adam Price.

"All three of the guys are good at different plays.{} We had a good coaches discussion.{} We asked who was the starting quarterback and we all came up with different guys.{} It's a good problem to have.{} We have three great guys." Bubba Burcham said, "At quarterback we have Hayden Holmes.{} He went 80-yards for a touchdown against Bishop Kelley.{} So he's a guy who can fly.{} We line these guys up a receiver too, so you never know where they're going to be on any given play."

Coweta opens the season at arch-rival Wagoner on August the 31st.