CPR Classes Held Following Near-Drowning Last Summer

The Church of St. Benedict and Citizen CPR held a training course on church grounds Saturday morning, teaching people the basics of CPR. With warmer weather making its way into Oklahoma, more people will be heading outdoors, increasing the risk of accidents.

"When it's your child, I have to say that my mind left me and it was like a heart-wrenching experience," said Katie Jones, recalling her 2-year-old daughter's near-drowning at a community pool last summer. A registered nurse, Jones says, in an emergency situation, medical training and expertise can quickly take a backseat to emotions.

CPR saved her daughter's life that day. Now, Jones, along with others, are working to educate people. A group in Broken Arrow learned the basics of the process, along with tips on bypassing that initial shock, to jump into action.

And with her close call in the past, Jones hopes more people will learn how to save a life. "If everybody's aware about the prevention things you can do, then hopefully, we have less tragedy. But, in the event that something does happen, I think that it would be great if we had more people who were willing to jump in and help somebody else."

'Save a Life' Summer CPR classes will be held from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m., unless otherwise noted at the following locations:

5/31 - Hicks Park

6/7 & 7/26 - Whiteside Park

6/14 - Owasso YMCA

6/21 - Lacy Park

6/28 - Case Center

7/12 - Nienhuis

7/19 - Reed Park

8/2 - Central (Broken Arrow)

8/9 - Bixby Community Center