Craigslist Sale Turns Into Armed Robbery

Victim Travis Repp looks on while police handle the scene.

A Tulsa citizen isn't injured after he's robbed while trying to buy a laptop he found on Craigslist.

KTUL was the only television station on the scene Wednesday afternoon at the Taco Bueno near 21st and Sheridan.

Police said the victim, Travis Repp, was set to meet a man there and buy a laptop from him.

Repp told police that he saw a man approach carrying a laptop box. He was there to buy it for his son, he said.

But before Repp could say anything, the supposed seller showed a gun and forced Repp back into his own car.

The suspect took Repp's wallet, got out and ran.

Repp got out to follow him but decided to stop the chase. He said he has his concealed-carry license, but chose not to shoot at the suspect because he was afraid of hitting someone or something nearby.

"It was $350, so it wasn't worth shooting him. Plus, there's houses and an apartment building back there. I didn't want to kill the kid or have a stray bullet go into someone's house."

Repp was not hurt.

He said he's had good experience with Craigslist before, but says this is his last attempt to buy.