Crash Investigators Get Up Close Experience During Simulated Event

State troopers want to make sure they have you covered when it comes to investigating car accidents. Today the University of Tulsa Mechanical Engineering department partnered up to provide a reconstructed crash scene. It also consisted of a live, but simulated crash.

Crash investigators from Texas, Louisiana and Los Angeles showed up to see what they could learn from the activity. Students wired both cars with sensors to be sure of speed and angles.

There were several cameras placed inside then to see the effects of the crash. This way officers could pick the crash apart after seeing exactly what happened.

"This will actually give us a chance to see it as it occurs, to collect data and if we work a crash similar to this one, the investigator will say 'You know what I have experience I have seen this happen somewhere,'" explained State Trooper George Brown.

So far in Oklahoma this year, traffic fatalities are down in 2013.