Creek County Fire Information

The Freedom Hills Fire Departments says residents in Creek County may return to their homes.All road closures have been lifted as well.In all, 58,283 acres burned. {}More than 30 fire departments responded to help control the blaze.The fire is controlled but it is still burning. {}Crews will continue to set back burns to stop the fire from spreading.Tuesday night into Wednesday's isolated storm chances will not be enough to help put out the fire, and lightning could start other fires.Fire crews will keep monitoring hot spots and trying to get the fire totally out.Firefighters want to remind drivers to stay at 45 miles per hour around the fire zones and to keep headlights on even during the day. {}Also, be aware of smoldering trees that can fall onto the road.Ranchers needing help with hay can contact 918-224-2192 for donating or picking up.