Aunt Arrested after Fatal Apartment Fire

The aunt of the two young children killed in the London Square apartment fire yesterday was arrested today on an accusation of child neglect.

She was not present in her apartment at the time of the fire.

It is in dispute how long the children were left alone and the Tulsa Police Department is looking to see if the lack of supervision from the aunt rose to the level of child neglect. If so, charges will be filed.

Investigators released the cause of the fire Tuesday morning. Crews battled the fire Monday afternoon at the London Square Apartments.

"I heard a woman sitting there screaming, 'My babies are in there, my babies are in there!' resident Christina Long said. She and some neighbors tried to save the kids, but the apartment was pitch black and filled with smoke.

"We were screaming, 'Please, please guys make some kind of noise so we can find you!' and it was just dead silence," she said.

Another resident described the scene of the fire from the outside.

"The whole, from the bottom part of the apartment all the way towards the roof was all engulfed in flames," Terry Massey said. He scuffed up his face in a fall after trying to get an ambulance for a woman he had revived.

"I performed mouth to mouth and got her to start coughing," he said.

Efforts to revive the children were not as fortunate.

"All I saw was them pumping his chest and breathing for him," cried Long.

Three adults also were hospitalized.

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