Crews Continue to Make Progress On I-44 Construction Project

Tulsa motorist may notice a few new changes to the construction project at I-44 and Lewis.Crews opened up on and off ramps for eastbound I-44 at Lewis Avenue Tuesday. This is part of a $400 million project that began in 2005.Previous reports from KTUL state that the I-44 project has been nearing completion with the Lewis Avenue bridge scheduled to open in August. Crews have completed various projects on the interstate from Riverside Drive to Yale Avenue.Kenna Carmon with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation told KTUL that a stoplight at Atlanta and 51st Street has also been completed. It's important for motorists to take notice of this new addition for the on ramp onto I-44.

"Usually it takes about a week or two for traffic to adjust when you have big changes like this. So drivers just need to as they're going through this right now, just make sure they're paying attention to their surroundings, make sure they're following the speed limit and any signs in that area. And again be alert to that new traffic light that's at Atlanta Avenue just east of Lewis."

ODOT officials previously provided a list of improvements that have been made including widening I-44 from four lanes to six, safety improvements at four interchanges, bridge replacements and aesthetic enhancements.
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