Crews Demolish City Recreation Center Despite Controversy

Park Rec Center Torn Down

The City of Tulsa is going along with it's plan to tear down several recreation centers. While families have enjoyed activities, the city says many of the centers are too far in disrepair to fix. Right now, crews are demolishing Manion Park's recreation center, near 56th and Harvard.

Initially residents near Manion park fought to keep their building, but a small army of construction crews have taken most of it down in less than 24 hours. The plan is to build a water playground, what residents said they wanted. The building had to go because city leaders said it required too much work, and there wasn't enough money.

This is the second project of 9 to undergo demolition and renovation. Some residents are still concerned about their parks that are on the list. And so are city councilors. They will discuss possibly saving B.C. Franklin, Springdale and Ben Hill recreation centers, this coming Thursday.

Manion residents worked with the city to move ahead on the plans, but there was some resistance.

"I mean people who were impassioned about the idea of lets keep it actually tried to build coalitions of let's find money let's do this and I'm not sure what happened other than I assumed that they couldn't get the momentum," said Kathy Rodgers, neighbor.

In just about a week residents will see dirt leveled. By summer they could see the water playground up and running.

City Councilor Jack Henderson says there is money to renovate the buildings.