Water Main Breaks Again Near Utica Square

A single water line has been the source of problems for city workers during a frigid weekend.

While crews were repairing a 16 inch line that broke yesterday afternoon at 21st and Wheeling, the same 16 inch line broke today at 21st and Yorktown.

Crews will work through the night if necessary to repair the line.

The first break caused flooding that detoured drivers but two lanes of traffic are currently open during the work.

While yesterday's break caused outages at several nearby restaurants, they all reported to the city that their service had not been interrupted today. These include Goldie's, Wendy's and Olive Garden.

No other outages have been reported to the city.

Crews have been busy. They have worked around the clock to battle 50 line ruptures just this weekend. Residents can report water line breaks 24 hours a day by calling 918-596-7338.