Update: 61st Between Mingo & Memorial Set to Reopen for Rush Hour

City officials announced that one of Tulsa's busiest streets will open Tuesday afternoon after a waterline break left it shut down.

East 61st Street between South Memorial Drive and South Mingo Road, which has been closed since Monday morning because of a 48-inch waterline break at 92nd East Avenue, will reopen to traffic by rush hour.

According to the City's release, traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction, however, between South 90th East Avenue and South 92nd East Avenue.

The 48-inch water line break happened around 9:30 Monday morning.

About 30 city workers moved quickly to shut off valves to the line to stop the flow of water.

There was a lot of it.

So much so, it flooded 61st St., making a dangerous situation for some nearby businesses and a neighborhood.

Kris Shipman lives in a nearby neighborhood.

She said the water was about 3 inches away from getting inside her son in law's car, but he was able to get it backed out of the driveway and in a safe place just in time.

A businesses affected by the water line break was a day care center with 32 kids and 8 adults inside.

One of those kids was Shawn East's 6-month-old son.

He said he happened to go the daycare to pick his son up for a doctor's appointment and couldn't get through because of the high water.

So he went around the affected area and parked in a safe place to wait.

Fire crews helped get the kids out safely, by building small ramps with pieces of wood that the kids used to walk over the water.

Crews even brought inflatable boats to the scene just in case, but they didn't need them.

Something they did need was a tow truck, though.

When the break happened, they parked a fire truck on 61st St. to keep traffic away.

But the water rose quickly, and the truck got flooded out.

They had to call a tow truck to get it out of the water.

There's no word yet on what caused the line to break.

But Clayton Edwards, director of the city's water-sewer department, did tell us his crews have dealt with several water main breaks recently because of our drought conditions.