Resident Suffers Severe Hand Injuries after Explosion in Owasso

Owasso Police and Fire Departments responded to an explosion in a residence this morning at approximately 10:30 a.m.

The incident occurred on the 11500 block of North 131st East Avenue.

Two people were transported to an area hospital and nearby homes were evacuated, authorities on scene said. The residents transported were reportedly packing large amounts of gun powder into casings. One of the victims suffered severe hand injuries, authorities said.

The explosion was reportedly caused by a large commercial fireworks mortar shell.

"What it appears to be is some commercial explosive that the person was working on inside. Like a large mortar shell 13 inch mortar shell that went off inside the house. It caused significant trauma to the male who was handling the explosive at the time," said Owasso Deputy Police Chief Jason Woodruff.

Nearby homes were evacuated immediately. After the Clandestine Lab Team with OPD came out to the scene, they discovered additional explosives in the home including pipe bombs.

"There is evidence consistent with the manufacture of cylindrical metal explosive devices in the home," Owasso Police lieutenant Nick Boatman said. ATF is assisting in the investigation and the Tulsa Bomb Squad is handling the secondary devices.

Two officers who entered the home were taken to the hospital after being affected by chemicals in the air. Both officers are doing well. Right now the FBI and ATF are helping the OPD with the investigation.