20-Year-Old Pregnant Female Shot, Driven to QT in East Tulsa

A pregnant woman is in critical condition Monday afternoon after a shooting incident in east Tulsa.

Multiple authorities were sent to the QuikTrip at 41st and Garnett after receiving word that the woman had been shot. A short time later they found that the shooting had actually taken place at the Polo Club Apartments on the 12000 block of East 40th Street.

Detectives found that 20-year-old Alexis Russell had been shot in the upper body after and transported by her boyfriend and brother to the QT. Both had been attempting drive her to the hospital when they realized the situation was much worse.

Investigators with the Tulsa Police Department believe that the shooting took place in the vehicle. Both the boyfriend and brother are being interviewed, but neither have been booked into the jail for the shooting.

Officers recovered two handguns associated with the case and detectives are anticipating arresting the victim's brother, Lemond Russell, 19, on possession of controlled drug complaints. Further complaints will not be filed against anyone until further evidence is collected.

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