Crews Work to Clean Up Dozens of Parks Damaged in Storm

The Tulsa Parks Department reports that at least 80 of the 130 Tulsa parks sustained damage in this week's storms. Crews are dealing with broken tree limbs and other pieces of debris scattered across the parks.

"I know that they've [crews] been in Woodward Park, which is of course, one of our premier parks, and they've sustained a lot of damage at that park. Last I looked, it was still closed," said Director of the Streets and Stormwater Department Dan Crossland.

Mike Battenfield with the Parks Department said Woodward, Howard, McClure, and Hunter Parks experienced the most damage. He said he has not yet visited a park in Tulsa that was not affected and that Woodward Park was closed Friday.

Battenfield said all crews are working to clean the parks. It involves sawing tree limbs and dragging the debris near the curbs for easier pick-up.

Battenfield said he understands many students are itching to play in the parks before school resumes. During that time, he said, it is important to be aware of any possible hanging limbs.

Arborist Dave Zucconi is working for the city. He said Friday's rain could make cutting tree limbs more difficult.

Brandon Fujita visited Tulsa Friday with his family to eat near Riverparks. He said driving through the area, the storm's damage was apparent.

"It's unfortunate, especially in this area. We love to come to this area, and it's beautiful. It's always packed with people, so I hope we can get it cleaned up soon," Fujita said.