Crews Work to Keep Road Conditions Decent Overnight

Crews for ODOT and the city told Channel 8 they are working overnight to keep road conditions safe in the Tulsa Metro with Monday's winter weather.

"As far as putting the salt down, you really don't want to put it down when it's raining, because it'll just wash off," said Street Maintenance Manager Tim McCorkell. He said that is why city crews waited for the day's rainfall to pass. He estimated about 85 workers will take some part in treating the roadways. That will likely start around midnight.

ODOT has had salt trucks running since around 9 p.m.

One driver told Channel 8 he will wake up around 4 a.m. to drive around and help any cars stuck in ditches in Broken Arrow.

This is the second instance of winter weather threatening Green Country in the past week. Most people Channel 8 has spoken with, regarding the weather, have praised crews' jobs of keeping roadways safe.