Crews Work to Remove Tulsa Aircraft from Wreckage Scene

(courtesy of WBND)

Crews were at a South Bend neighborhood Tuesday morning where a large crane was in place to remove the downed Tulsa aircraft's fuselage from the scene.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Todd Fox said authorities hope to have the fuselage removed Tuesday. He told reporters Monday that investigators' immediate focus is getting the fuselage moved to a hangar for further investigation.

The plane originating from Jones Riverside Airport crashed into three South Bend homes Sunday, killing former Oklahoma quarterback Steve Davis and his friend, Wes Caves. Davis and Caves were the jet's flight crew.

Steve Davis' pastor in Tulsa said earlier Monday that he relished any opportunity he could to get up in the air.

Passenger Jim Rodgers remains in serious condition, while fellow passenger Christopher Evans remains in fair condition at a South Bend hospital.

A woman who lives in 1 of the homes struck, Diana McKeown, remains in fair condition.

Channel 8 and are working with our sister-station in South Bend to bring you the latest.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.