Mysterious Substance Found in Area Creeks

Authorities are working to identify a mysterious substance found in two local creeks.

The Sapulpa Fire Department received a report of an oil like substance in Rock Creek. They tested it found that it wasn't oil so they turned the investigation over to the Department of Environmental Quality.

The substance has no strong odor or fumes.

"We'll find it and then we'll go a long way, we won't find it and then we'll find it again," Chief Dave Taylor said. "But as of now we haven't found the source."

Officials found the same mysterious substance at Pole Cat Creek in Jenks.

Samples were taken last night but the results are not back yet.

"Tulsa haz mat is trying to identify the product right now," Taylor said. "It hasn't gotten any worse. We're just monitoring the creeks making sure we have no damage to wildlife or anything like that."

Officials say there is no cause for concern yet.

"The fact that it hasn't killed any fish or wildlife that kind of puts my mind at ease somewhat," Taylor said.

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