Craigslist Scam Victim Turns the Tables On Alleged Scammer

A week ago, Travis Repp pulled into the parking lot of Taco Bueno to get a good deal on a computer he found through Craigslist. But when the seller arrived his intentions were anything but bueno.

"Our suspect approached him, had a box that looked like a laptop," said Tulsa police sergeant Mike Fitzgerald.

"And before I could even do anything he pulled out a gun," said Repp.

Robbed of $350 dollars,Travis thought about drawing his own gun as the thief fled but decided he didn't want to kill the guy or have a stray bullet hit an innocent bystander.

"Hopefully I proved not everybody who has a concealed carry permit is a blood thirsty, gun hungry kind of guy," said Repp.

Far from it, in fact, Travis is one shrewd thinking, out-smarting individual, sure the thief stole $350 bucks, but what he didn't get was his ingenuity.

"I created an Internet based number and texted the guy," said Repp.

So Travis pretends he's someone else responding to the same ad for the computer

"And we kind of had a dialogue going back and forth," he said.

And get this, the thief even tries to play it up like he's a good guy.

"He was like well, I'm real paranoid, there's a lot of crooked people on Craigslist," he said.

Travis's response, "I completely understand."

"I called the cops and let them know hey, this guy wants to meet again, is there anything we can do?" he said.

How about rendezvous part two? He set up another meet, and when the seller said his schedule was looking busy, Travis even offered to sweeten the deal.

"I was like well if you can do it later in the day, I'll throw in an extra $50 bucks for your time since it's a big inconvenience to you," he said.

Just four days after having a gun in his face, Travis had his man behind bars.

"I pointed him out and they just swooped in and grabbed him. No incident, no anything," said Repp. "Good feeling of redemption, no telling how many guys this guy has robbed, so it's nice having somebody like that off the street.," he said.

Police identified the man as Jonathan Love, 28. He was arrested on a complaint of robbery with a dangerous weapon and admitted to taking Repp's money during a police interview, according to an arrest report.


UPDATE: Craigslist Robbery Suspect Caught, Confesses To Police

Craigslist Sale Turns Into Armed Robbery