Crime Prevention Network Launches Membership Campaign

Courtesty of Tulsa Police Website

Tulsa, Okla. - For more than 35 years, the Crime Prevention Network (formerly known as the Crime Commission) has provided crime prevention and safety education services to the greater Tulsa area.

Through their 596-COPS Crime Stoppers program, over $1.2 million in cash and stolen property has been recovered and many of Tulsa's Most Wanted is now behind bars. In addition, through their Alert Neighbor program, residents have helped reduce the number of burglaries, auto thefts and vandalisms throughout their communities.

Working together they have turned on street lights, eliminated hundreds of over-grown properties, and thousands of neighbors accept the challenge to take pride in their community by getting involved and holding over 8,000 classes reaching 550,000 residents.

Today, the Board of Directors of the Crime Prevention Network announces the kick-off of their "Inaugural" Crime Prevention Network 2014 Membership Drive. The CPN has sent initial mailings to selected corporate citizens in the Tulsa area with subsequent mailings to follow.

In the mailing, they will receive a letter signed by the Mayor, Tulsa Police Chief and Tulsa County Sheriff acknowledging the importance of the Crime Prevention Network programs. In addition, the letter includes tiered levels of membership options.

Based on their selected membership, companies can potentially receive tickets to our annual Badges and BBQ event in the fall; participate in program offerings that can be used to aide in protecting their facilities and much more. The new membership drive is designed to help sustain the CPN crime fighting programs mentioned above.

"As we worked on our long range strategic plan for sustainability, the board looked at best practices from similar agencies in the country. All were financially supported by the corporate citizens with annual membership drives. This drive is new for the Crime Prevention Network. We continue to try and educate our corporate citizens as well as our individual citizens about programs that are funded by CPN dollars," says Executive Director Carol Bush.

The goal is to raise a minimum of $250,000 in operating funds by December 31, 2014.

The board feels that with additional financial resources, all of the CPN programs such as Crime Stoppers can have a more meaningful impact on the community and its citizens - translating to a safer community for everyone.

Recently, the power of the programs was confirmed by the board approval of two very critical rewards. The first tipster provided information on homicide suspects in the tragic death of April Montano, the young teen that was shot after a family outing over Memorial Day weekend. The tipster provided information that directly led to the arrests of David Ruble and Demonte Rushing.

The second tipster provided information on the location of rape suspect, Kyle Hancock who reportedly broke into a home and raped a 5 year old female on May 17. Det. Matt Snow stated the tip "directly resulted in the capture of Kyle Hancock. At the time of the tip, Kyle Hancock was not one of the numerous potential suspects that we were looking into".

The Crime Prevention Network is a 501c3 non-profit organization that does not receive government funds or United Way funding.