Update: OSU Student Charged with Sexual Assault Turns Himself In

A 22-year-old Oklahoma State University student charged with sexual assault against fellow students was arraigned at Thursday, Dec. 13 at 1:30 p.m.

Cochran's defense attorney filed not guilty pleas to all three sexual battery charges.

Cochran turned himself in to the Payne County Jail after the warrant was issued, around 10 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Stillwater Police said Nathan Cochran turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued. He is being charged with three counts of sexual battery.

The former OSU fraternity member is accused of assaulting at least five FarmHouse pledges in Stillwater and Tahlequah in 2011 and 2012.

The allegations include groping, oral sex and rape. Cochran has been suspended from the fraternity.

According to the affidavit, Cochran is accused of sexual battery on a 23-year-old unknown male.

The incident took place on Nov. 3, 2011 at the accused and victim's residence. The two were roommates and had decided to watch a movie at home.

The victim fell asleep and was woken up sometime in the night after feeling Cochran fondle his genitals under his clothes. The victim did not know how to react and pretended to be asleep, hoping Cochran would stop after he did not respond.

Cochran performed oral sex and other unwanted acts until he left after the victim became rigid and did not respond.

The victim stated that he had not been in a relationship with Cochran and "the sexual contact was not consensual."

The second victim told officials that he had been sexually battered by Cochran on August 14, 2012.

According to the affidavit, Cochran stayed the night at the suspects dorm room "...due to the defendant not wanting to drive home." The victim had an extra bed in his dorm.

In the affidavit, the second victim reported around 4 a.m., he woke up to Cochran groping him through his clothing. The victim "...stated that by the time he woke up enough to realize what was happening the defendant was attempting to place his hands inside of his gym shorts..."

The victim left the bedroom and waited in the bathroom till Cochran left. Around 4:21 a.m., the victim started receiving text messages from Cochran stating he was intoxicated and unaware of his actions.

The victim received text messages saying "Well delete these text and just say I left after I charged my phone and we won't have an issue? [Victim's name removed]..Please I can't ruin my life cause I was black out drunk and f***** up. Just text me?"

Another text message sent at 5:09 a.m. stated, "...I understand why you freaked out about me moving around and getting close to you. I just don't need rumors and things spread about me. I've worked too hard to get where I am for something like that to mess it up. I'll talk to you tomorrow when we are both sober. Deal?"

According to the University in a statement released Tuesday, "From the outset, Oklahoma State University took the allegations very seriously and took immediate action. Since no minors were involved, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, OSU could not release the names of any victim or witness without their consent."

OSU officials met with five alleged victims on Nov. 12 and hearings were completed Friday, Nov. 30.

Police were contacted by some of the victims and interviews were taken by OSU police Tuesday, Dec. 11.

It's believed more victims could be out there. They are asked to call the Stillwater Police at 405-742-8287.

A bond reduction hearing will take place Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 1:30 p.m.

His bond remains at $100,000.