Crooks Hit Midtown Nursing Home for Prescription Meds

Police are looking for three men who robbed workers at a nursing home, this morning. It happened at the Companion's Specialized Care Center which is located at 6201 E 31st street. Investigators say a trio of crooks strong armed their way into a supposedly safe place for the elderly.

Officers say a worker was outside, smoking when the men approached him. Next, they pulled a gun and reportedly forced him back into the building, into the medical room.

The men grabbed two bags of medicine and took off. But officers say something scared them and they dropped the medicine and picked up a worker's purse.

One worker called 9-1-1, while others hid in a closet.

The ordeal took less than twenty seconds, but police say one patient did come out to ask what was happening.

The men were black, all around 5'6", 18 to 25 years old wearing bandanas on their faces.