Crowd Rushes Mall Lingerie Store

A camera was rolling as dozens of eager shoppers crammed their way into a store at Woodland Hills Mall early Friday morning.

The mall opened early and large crowds gathered outside certain storefronts including Victoria's Secret.

A video just posted to YouTube shows the crowd cheering right before opening. The workers throw the door open and have less than a second to clear before customers pour in.

A spokesperson with the mall confirmed the incident to, but said no one was hurt in the fray, nor were there any other injuries on the property early Friday morning.

Woodland Hills mall does bring in extra security and off duty sheriff's deputies during the holiday season.

A similar scene played out at malls across the country according to news reports. Victoria's Secret offered a free gift bag to those who made purchases of $65 or more.

Click here for a link to the video, by user 24chadster on YouTube.