Crowded Grocery Stores Spell Christmas Eve Shopping

The search is on for all items forgotten....Yeah there's a crowd but it could be worse.

"We drove by the mall and went bye, toodles have fun in there," says shopper Ann Powers.

But the rush is still on.

"We forgot the Cool Whip which we're going to forget and then just impulse buys," says Holly Chinske, a last minute shopper.

Meet impulse shopper number one and he's got a hankering for...


This is Stone. Age 5, 6 on January 3rd.

"I've been telling her I want olives, I want olives, but she's saying no, no," says Stone.

Meanwhile also on aisle 12, there's Mr. Texas A & M looking for mild jalapeno.

"This one says hot."

The search continues, so we'll be back. Other shoppers are apparently in the same boat. On aisle 15 where there are spices, flour and evaporated milk....Jim and Ann Powers are looking for cream of tartar.

"It's for baking but we don't know what it looks like. We have famous people trying to help us find it here," says Ann Powers, a customer.

Taking in all in, shopper Vivian Peterson. The crowds don't bother her.

"You just have to have a lot of patience. Patience is the key," says customer Vivian Peterson.

Just ask Mr. Texas A & M, still looking for mild jalapeno.

"That's okay, thank you ladies. You can't go home empty-handed. You cannot do that. Wait let's see. This one says tamed. That's what it says. That's what it is right there. Thank you so much. That's it right there....I would have been in trouble yes."

And Ann Powers found her cream of tartar.

"Yay success," says Powers.