Cushing Police Arrest Former Wal-Mart Employees for Embezzlement

Bobby Davis

Two former Wal-mart employees are behind bars Friday after police arrested them following an embezzlement investigation.

Bobby Davis, 41, and Jacob Estes, 25, were arrested earlier this week on charges of embezzlement and knowingly concealing stolen property. Authorities said the stolen goods totaled just over $10,000.00 dollars.

Their arrest came on Monday when Cushing Police responded the Wal-mart on E. Main Street in reference to an internal investigation into an employee trying to sell movies that had not yet been released in Tulsa, according to the report.

An officer at the store told police that they were able to identify Davis and Estes after an initial investigation. Police later spoke to Estes, who had been working the night shift.

According to the report, during their conversation Estes admitted that he and Davis had been taking items from the store for approximately 5-6 months. Estes also admitted that he had items currently in his vehicle, which he had taken from the store during his shift.

Authorities later recovered the stolen movies and video games, which totaled $400. Estes also told officers that he had more items at his residence.

Following their conversation with Estes, police then spoke to Davis who also admitted to taking items from the store with the assistance of Estes. He also admitted to selling several items at various locations in Tulsa and Stillwater.

After their conversations with Estes and Davis, Cushing Police went to their homes in order to recover the stolen property contained within. During the search of Davis's residence police recovered two Play Station 3's and numerous video games and movies.

They also seized a partially burnt hand rolled marijuana cigarette, which was in plain view on an end table, along with other drug related items, according to their release.

Davis was placed under arrest on multiple charges including embezzlement, knowingly concealing stolen property, and possession of Marijuana within 1000 feet of a school.

At Estes' home, officers recovered a lap top computer, a tablet, numerous movies and video games. Once the search was completed, Estes was placed under arrest on multiple charges including embezzlement and knowingly concealing stolen property.

Both Estes and Davis were held at the Cushing Police Department and subsequently transported to the Payne County Sheriff's Department.