UPDATE: Man Shot By Cushing Police Dies At Hospital

Area outside Simpson Chiropractic where the shooting happened.

A Tulsa man shot by Cushing Police after not complying with their orders has died.

Rabih Ozeir, 18, died Friday at a Tulsa hospital. Cushing Police and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Ozeir was involved in an incident with two Cushing officers Thursday.

According to the OSBI, it happened just after 7 p.m. when officers got to Simpsons Chiropractic for a disturbance call.

Ozeir allegedly pointed a gun at Cushing officers, who demanded that he drop the weapon.

Ozeir failed to comply and that's when officers then fired multiple rounds striking Ozeir.

The two Cushing officers involved are now on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation that's being handled by the OSBI.

Investigators will hand their reports to the District Attorney who will decide if the shooting was justified.

The officers names have not been released.