Cut The Fat From Your Grocery Bill

Eating isn't cheap.{}{} Trips to the grocery store can set you back hundreds of dollars a month.

So it's always nice to cut some fat from your grocery store bill.{}{} U.S. News and World Report has 5 ways to save money:

  • Make a grocery list and check it twice.{} We've heard it before, but how many of us do it?{} A little planning can fatten your wallet by preventing expensive impulse buys.{}
  • Watch the price scanner.{} I do this quite a bit, and it often pays off.{} Mistakes on price scans are common at the grocery store.{} If you don't catch them, you'll have to eat the added costs, and that doesn't taste very good.
  • Buy generic over big brand names.{} The items are side by side on the shelves and the difference in prices are sometimes drastic.{} Fill your shopping cart with generic, your grocery bill will drop, and your wallet will thank you.

{}U.S. News added a couple more tips that are not as common as those above:

  • Stop clipping crappy coupons.{} Many coupons offer deals on highly packaged foods low in nutrition and high in unpronounceable ingredients.{} Skipping the crappy coupons and opting to pay a little more for whole foods may be a better deal for your health in the long run.
  • Skip the cans, buy dried beans in bulk.{} Buying dried beans in bulk and soaking them overnight is a frugal way to add protein to your diet without paying for the high cost of meat.

Let's face it, the grocery cycle will never end.{} We shop, buy, eat, and then do it all over again.{} We might as well be smart and save some money while we're feeding our habit.