CVS Weight Policy Creates Stir

CVS is coming under fire for a controversial policy that requires employees who utilize the company health insurance to report their weight, body fat, and glucose levels to the insurance company If they choose not to, they will face a monthly premium increase of $50, or $600 a year.

Whatever the CVS abbreviation officially stands for, the moniker took on a new meaning with its health policy that's sparking Conversations of Vigorous Substance.

"It does seem like it could be considered an invasion of privacy," said KJ Lehman.

But, he says, he sees the economics of the issue as well when it comes to insurance premiums.

"You want to pay as little as you can, the company wants to pay as little as they can for you as well," he said.

"I'm not against it, I think something needs to be done," said Janet Darling-Roden, who sees it as an issue of equality.

"Maybe it's fair that people who smoke and disregard their health should have to pay a little extra because its really not fair to the people that work hard and take care of their health.,' she said.

And speaking of taking care of their health...

"I was 300 pounds and got down to 208," said KJ.

And this from a guy who's business is food. Surrounded by it throughout the day. Why the change?

"The inspiration was to just get healthier, to change my lifestyle," he said.

A topic of culture, value, and sensitivity, a policy possibly coming to the company you work for.

"You've just got to decide what do you want to do more? Do you want to go ahead and live a lifestyle that's maybe not as healthy, and enjoy the taste of food, or would you like to maybe perhaps save some money on your insurance premiums?" said Lehman.