Cyber Monday Brings Consumer Safety Concerns

If you were tied to a keyboard and part of Cyber Monday, you are not alone. Millions of Americans used the Internet to do their shopping today. But from now until Christmas, there are safety measures to take.

Nowadays we all use our cell phones, for shopping and everything else. But experts say make sure you have a lock on yours, so if a thief steals your phone, they are not stealing your credit card info.

Shopping on the Internet via cellphone may not be the safest way either. Experts say using a public Internet connection--in a cafe or coffee shop is not recommended. Since anyone can long on, someone may find a way to tap into your bank account, or credit card.

When you're shopping online, make sure you look for the HTTPS in the address bar. The "S" stands for safety.

"When the "S" is on there, whatever you type, is being encrypted, meaning it has some special code that is distorting all the codes, where as there is no "S" people can see what you are typing, your address and your credit card number," said Rick Brinkley of the Better Business Bureau.

One more thing, look for the fine print when checking out and something called a restocking fee, which could mean a fee, if you return the item.