Cyclists Traveling Across Country Stop in Tulsa to Help Habitat for Humanity

33 young men and women with "Bike and Build" stopped in Tulsa to help with a housing project Friday.

The nonprofit organization bikes across the country to raise funds and awareness for affordable housing. Tulsa is the halfway point for this group, between Portland, Maine and Santa Barbara, California.

The cyclists' trip is 75 days long and includes helping with 15 housing sites.

Bike and Build stopped in Tulsa to partner with Habitat for Humanity's "A Brush with Kindness" project. They are chipping off lead paint at a home in the Crutchfield neighborhood to prepare it for a fresh look. The group has been coming to Tulsa for the last seven years.

Cyclists with the group are from around the country. There are two people taking part this year from different countries. They said people are eager to help their mission.

"People pull us over at gas stations, random convenience stores, on the road, and like will donate money to our trip right on the spot," said leader Emily Hettner.

The group on this particular route has raised $162,000 so far. They said if you would like to help, you may visit this website.

Habitat said the funds for this home improvement project came through a grant from the city.