Tulsa County DA Race Heats Up

Next Tuesday is Election Day and the race for Tulsa County District Attorney is normally a quiet one - but not this year.

Two candidates remain in the race after a third dropped out Monday and one candidate has filed a legal challenge against another.

"You've got to look at every case for the facts of that case you have to research it you have to investigate it, you as the district attorney have the ultimate authority of what happens in that case," says State Representative Fred Jordan.

He says he's supposed to be in this race.

Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney and candidate Steve Kunzweiler has filed a challenge saying Jordan can't hold the office since he was in the legislature when he voted a pay raise for the office he now seeks.

"And I've heard his analysis of which he says he would take office after the fact. You can't compare the facts of what took place with the constitution and arrive at the conclusion that he has, says Kunzweiler."

Public safety is the other issue in this race. Kunzweiller recalls the Good Friday shootings.

"I handled that case. In any other case I question whether they could have gotten through it like Tulsa did. It took cooperation with the police and district attorney's office but also took cooperation with our faith communities," says Kunzweiler.

Jordan says the DA's office can go further.

"The district attorney's office really needs to have a better relationship with the various law enforcement agencies around Tulsa County that's going to be one of my number one goals," says Jordan.