Sexual Assault Suspect Dies Before Charges Filed

Serial Sexual Assault suspect Desmond Campbell died Tuesday before prosecutors could formally file charges against him.

Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris said his office prepared 23 charges against Campbell and prosecutors were planning to file them today, but Campbell died at a local hospital before noon.

Campbell had been in a coma in the hospital since crashing his car into pole on Interstate 44 last Sunday.

Harris released an affidavit detailing the evidence from the investigation.

"We believe the Tulsa community has a right to know the information upon which the Tulsa police department identified Mr. Campbell as their suspect," Harris said.

Some of the evidence included DNA that linked Campbell to the crimes. Police also recovered stolen items from Campbell's car after the crash.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan spoke at the conference saying he hopes the evidence eases concerns that Campbell did not match a composite sketch that was released after one of the attacks.

Jordan said DNA linked Campbell to the victim who provided the description for the sketch.

"I hope everyone realizes that a composite is one person's perception of a very traumatic event," Jordan said.

"We have no concern whatsoever that there is another suspect out there in this series."

The affidavit highlights the DNA and physical evidence collected form each crime scene and included graphic descriptions of each attack.

The attacker used the same language and phrases in each of his attacks.

Editor's Note: The court filing is public record, but contains graphic language and descriptions. is choosing not to publish the full filing.