Day After Pit Bull Attack: Women's Conditions Upgraded, Lawyer Weighs In

The day after a pit bull attacked two women with Jehovah's Witnesses, their conditions have improved slightly.

78-year-old Irene Parker is upgraded to serious condition. A member at Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on North Lewis said her daughter reports Parker has begun sitting up and talking Wednesday. The 43-year-old woman with her is now in fair condition.

The two women were going door to door Tuesday, when a pit bull charged past its owner and attacked them. Michael Harrell, a man working nearby, tried to distract the dog. When it finally ran towards him, he got the owner's permission to shoot and kill it. According to Harrell, the owner was holding a bloody baseball bat at the time.

Tulsa Police told Channel 8 Animal Control has no record of charges being filed against the owner at this time.

Even though the owner had a fenced yard with a "Beware of Dog" sign, a Tulsa personal injury lawyer said it would not be enough if charges were filed.

"It doesn't give the dog owner any protection," said Charlies Kania with Kania Law Office. "Again, if the person that's been injured is there lawfully, and they did not provoke this animal, the dog owner will be responsible for all the medical that's due to the injury caused by this dog."

Kania said most of the dog bite cases he handles involve pit bulls. He knows there has been failed legislation before to ban that breed in the area. However, he said it is a fine line.

"I think a pit bull, although they've been bred to be more aggressive dogs, can be no more aggressive than a German Shepherd," he said.

A representative for Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses said he would not make a statement at this time. However, Channel 8 learned people with the church were still heading out to spread the word Wednesday. One person there said safety is on his mind.