Day of Caring Means Sweat, Work and Labor of Love

The Day of Caring kicks of the annual fundraising for the United Way. It's a day of hard work, sweat and help for local agencies that need projects done.

Despite years of hard times, people are giving back, more than ever.

We saw QuikTrip workers, a group of 260. In that number, an accountant, security, safety compliance, even supervisors handling heavy tools, in the dirty.

They joined a record number of volunteers. QuikTrip looks for agency that can handle all of it's workers in just one place. They were remodeling the project at the Eugene Field Early Childhood Center.

This year the United Way welcomed 5-thousand volunteers, a record number.

This follows a record year of donations, after the organization received well over the 24.9 million requested last year.

The work today, means more work than any of the 62 agencies served could afford.

"So what is happening today is well beyond a half million dollar investment. This community is giving back to this community," said Todd Graham, of the Tulsa Area United Way,

Next the United Way will push on to it's annual fundraising, starting September 16th.