Deadly Crash Illustrates Value of Seat Belts and Child Seats

A deadly car accident that killed two girls provides a clear lesson about the value of seat belts and child seats. Traffic officers with the Tulsa Police Department are reminding all of us about the importance of buckling up. Officers said the goal is not to hand out tickets, but instead get everyone to wear their seat belts. According to Tulsa Police Department, if you don't wear your seat belt, you are four times more likely to get thrown out of a car during an accident.

It only takes about two seconds to grab a seat belt and buckle up. Officers said those two seconds could save your life.

"You never know when that moment is going to be when somebody is going to run a light or they are going to pull out in front of you," said Sgt. Stephen Boyes with the Mingo Valley Traffic Division.

On Saturday night the unpredictable happened here at the intersection of East 21st street and Highway 169. A driver smashed into a car carrying five people. The impact threw two teenagers, a child and a baby out of the car.

"The injuries sustained on the young lady, the 12-year-old were due to her making contact with the pavement. That is where she sustained most of her injuries. Had she been wearing a seat belt those injuries wouldn't have been sustained," said Cpl. Brian Collum with the Mingo Valley Traffic Division.

The accident tore a family apart. Claiming the life of two sisters. An 8- month- old baby survived, but remains in the hospital.

"The fact is that a child's life is hinging on that they didn't have that car seat properly installed," said Ofc Craig Murray, Traffic Safety Coordinator.

Experts told us 95 percent of car seats in Oklahoma are installed improperly. That's why Safe Kids is committed to teaching parents and guardians the right way to secure a child seat and your child.

"It is important to buckle up every single ride. There is never an instance when it's OK to not buckle up. We want you putting your child seat on every ride every time," said Jenny Rollins, child passenger safety coordinator with Safe Kids.

Rollins said Safe Kids offers car seat workshops every month. Both in English and Spanish.

For safety tips, workshop information and more on how to properly secure your child in a car seat visit the website below.