Delaware Co. Authorities Bust Two for Meth, Cockfighting Ring at Residence

Five pounds of methamphetamine and 20 game birds were seized this week by Delaware County deputies at a residence in Colcord.

Deputies with the Delaware County Sheriff's Office arrested Amber Kent and Al Seastrom Wednesday morning after a three month investigation. Both face drug charges after investigators discovered that a parcel containing the crystal meth was enroute to the residence from Tulsa.

"The parcel was allowed to be delivered to the Colcord Post office and then to the suspect residence on S. 680 Road," a statement from the DCSO described. The residence is located southeast of the Colcord community.

Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore stated his office and federal postal inspectors have been tracking the drug smuggling in the county. It wasn't until this week that enough evidence was obtained and a search warrant was granted to raid the home with the assistance of the District Attorney's Drug Task Force and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

"At the time officers arrived at the residence, [Seastrom] and another male were engaged in 'cockfighting,'" the report described. Officers confronted Seastrom who fled on foot into a nearby wooded area but was later apprehended.

In addition to the crystal meth that was delivered to the residence, officers discovered four pounds of hydroponic marijuana. Three thousand dollars in cash and several handguns and rifles also were found inside during the search.

Officers transported Kent and Seastrom to the Delaware County Jail. Seastrom is scheduled to be arraigned this week.