Demolition Begins for Last Tulsa Park in City's Master Plan


City crews began their planned demolition of another recreation center Tuesday morning in north Tulsa.

Some residents near East Newton Street and North Canton Avenue may have woken up to heavy machinery and loud noises Tuesday. That's because crews worked through the morning to tear down the Maxwell Park recreation center.

"We come up here at least once a week during the summer," neighborhood resident Debra Rodriguez said. "It's kind of sad, it's been here for many, many years."

Back in 2011, officials with the Tulsa Parks and Recreation Department announced nine parks across Tulsa would be given facelifts. The "Parks Master Plan" included the demolition of existing recreational centers that had safety and code issues and were not ADA compliant.

Maxwell Park was just the most recent area after crews finished tearing down B.C. Franklin near Utica and East Virgin Street. Tuesday's demolition marks the last area the City of Tulsa planned on renovating.

"Yeah they look bad, but just like anything else, downtown looked bad all those buildings til they revitalized them and made clubs out of them and restaurants, its a wonderful place now," City Councilor Jack Henderson previously stated. "Some of these rec centers, the same thing could happen to them."

Construction and equipment for project was paid for through private funding and the 2006 Third Penny Sales Tax, which was allocated to the Parks & Recreation Department.