Demolition Begins On Burned School Building

Signs posted on the building warn people to stay away.

Crews begin the long process of tearing down a historic Tulsa school campus ravaged by fire.

The former Barnard Elementary building is being demolished. It was destroyed on September 5th when a blaze engulfed the building. Tulsa School for Arts and Sciences was using Barnard as its new home and had only been tenants for two weeks.

Workers gave a show and tell of sorts to the media Thursday, and began knocking down some of the structure's remaining brick walls. The real work begins Monday and could last up to one month.

Crews have to work carefully because there's lots of asbestos in the building's old heating system.

About 300 bricks will be saved by Tulsa schools and sold to alumni. The building's iconic arch, keystones and cornerstones will also be saved. Tulsa Schools director of bond projects Bob LeBass said demolition contractor DT Special Services will recycle as much of the wreckage as they can.

"That includes stripping the brick, if people want to use it for home construction," he said. LeBass said citizens could call the company themselves to ask about buying the brick.

An investigation revealed that the fire was accidentally caused by construction work on a ventilation duct.