Dennehy Juror Gives Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse

The images are still shocking. A man who had just fired a gun on the courthouse square, apparently hoping for suicide by cop.

"It was definitely just stressful," said Kayla McCall. She spent two weeks sitting on the jury that would decide Andrew Dennehy's fate. The crux of his defense? Not guilty by reason of insanity.

"I mean I would sit there and listen, I'd be like, 'Ok, where's the insane part?" she said.

Four jurors, she says, gave serious thought to the insanity plea, but eventually everyone came to the conclusion that Dennehy knew what he was doing. A key piece of evidence for her? Dennehy's demeanor in the courtyard.

"In the video he walked on the plaza calmly," she said.

They deliberated for roughly seven hours, deciding on a term of 20 years for the main charge of shooting with intent to kill. Law enforcement was not pleased.

"That's the verdict from the jury and that's what we have to respect, but it just seems like the guy got off pretty easy," said Major Shannon Clark with the Tulsa County Sheriffs Office.

"Nobody's going to be happy either way with what we decided to do, but then on the second hand, he didn't kill the cop," said McCall.

Had that happened she says, they would have given a life sentence. As it is...

"He will be behind bars for 23 years by the time he even considers to even get out. So, to me I think that's a long enough sentence of 23 years," she said.