Deputies Collect 47 Jack Russells from Breeder, Hope to Find Them Homes

Tulsa County Deputies picked up 47 dogs from a breeder who called asking for help. The dogs are all a variation of the Jack Russell breed.

"No citations. They called us," said Animal Control Officer, for the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, David Long.

Long explained that the breeder, 81, and her husband, 83, bred the dogs and took good care of them. However, with their age, they found the task challenging and asked the Sheriff's Office to find them homes.

"We do not have to have to euthanize any of the dogs due to no space available. The Humane Society is great in assisting us," Long said.

June and July is the biggest season for dogs to be brought to shelter. City of Tulsa Animal Welfare said it took in 170 animals just over this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Many animals go missing over the Fourth of July holiday.

Jean Letcher with Animal Welfare said there are 160 kennels at the shelter. There are currently about only eight available. At that point, she said, euthanasia unfortunately has to become a part of the conversation if there is not any room to keep the animals.

Long said the Jack Russells were generally in good health and the Human Society is able to take them until they are adopted.

"Being that it's a large number of animals, there's really a lot more than we usually deal with on a regular basis," said Humane Society Adoption Center Manager Dan Canfield.

He said the Tulsa Humane Society is used to caring for 40 to 60 animals each day. It has the physical capability to hold 80. He said the Humane Society will utilize additional temporary kennels to hold the Jack Russells. He said staff is working to contact other rescues to help with the load. Also, he said the Humane Society will likely plan to host an event to introduce the dogs to prospective families.

Canfield said some of the dogs had fleas and ticks. The Humane Society would appreciate foster families for the dogs and donated flea and tick medications. He said adoptions require paperwork, but families do not have to be from the Tulsa area.

Both the Animal Shelter and the Humane Society stressed the importance of spaying and neutering pets. The Humane Society's phone number is (918) 495-3647, or you may visit their website at this address. You may visit this website for Animal Welfare.