Deputies Crack Down On QT Crooks Grabbing Beer & Food

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office needs your help tracking down a couple of convenience store crooks.

Security cameras have captured a number of people stealing food and beer all around town mostly at QuikTrips.

The most recent happened on Southwest Boulevard.

Those crimes are now being investigated by a task force called R.E.A.C.T. (Regional Enforcement Against Community Theft).

Deputies are taking aim at the upswing in larceny, because it leads to more serious crimes.

Billy McKelvey with the Tulsa Co. Sheriff's Office says, "This is a true community problem, because people doing these beer runs are also the ones doing the burglaries, the carjackings, the auto thefts and the auto burglaries around the Tulsa metro. So we want to combat that."

Dollar General and Warehouse Market have reported similar cases.

In some instances, the suspects walked into the store and left with high-priced meat, like pot roast and ribs.